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iBudge offers a wealth of features for both our free and premium users to manage their personal finances.

Feature Free users? Premium users?
Breakdown your income and expenditure
Comprehensively understand how much you spend, compared to how much you earn - with customised hints and tips to guide you through the process.
Create savings pots
Set up savings pots for expenditure that occurs less frequently than your income - things like car servicing, holidays, Christmas, birthdays and DIY projects.
Capture bank accounts
Add your bank accounts to the platform so that you can gain further insight into what money needs to be assigned to which account, to ensure you always have funds to pay bills and maximise your savings.
Track expenditure from savings pots
Quickly add any spending that needs to be deducted from a savings pot, so you are able to immediately see how much you have available in each category. Our quick expense option takes less than 10 seconds.
Our exclusive Payday Powerup feature
Payday Powerup is a unique guided decision making tool, which you should run after every payday. It will enable you to ensure that all your money is in the right place after every payday.
Add labels to your income and expenditure
Labels offer a simple but powerful way to group related income and expenditure together. In addition to giving you better insight of how you spend your money, our AI tools use labels to make personalised recommendations.
Use formulas to calculate target bank balances
A simple and intuitive interface that enables you to quickly create and edit formulas based on a huge combination of inputs (money in savings pots, money in another bank account, money you have assigned as a bonus, the time since a certain date etc.).
Capture regular balance transfers
If you have more than one bank account then you likely need to move money between accounts after every payday. iBudge offers a simple solution to calculate how much needs to be transferred - and prompt you to do so.
Track credit cards and loans
iBudge includes a comprehensive feature for users to track expenditure and repayments against credit cards and loans.
Check the status of your finances
Immediate visibility of your financial health from the status header on the menu, which includes an indicator to show any issues (either amber or red depending on severity).
A dashboard and report of your finances
Our Headlines Report, which provides a breakdown of the income and expenditure against each of your pots over a configurable time period.
Scenario planning
Our powerful Scenario Planning tool offers the ability to calculate the impact of changes (a new job, moving house etc), without affecting your live income and expenditure budget.
Manage stocks and shares
If you have invested in stocks and shares then iBudge offers a detailed and intuitive tool to track their performance - as well as any further investments you make.
Use iBudge to help you plan for your retirement, with the ability to track the funds available to you across your pensions (however many you need to track).
Property and Mortgages
For many people, the cost of a mortgage against a property is their largest item of expenditure each month. Similarly, it typically represents their biggest asset from an investment perspective. iBudge provides the tools required to track the value of your property and its associate borrowing.
Bonus LevelUp
If you are lucky enough to get a bonus (or otherwise have a surplus in any given period) then the Bonus LevelUp feature enables you to spread the bonus across multiple periods by allocating the bonus into a special pot and then releasing it back to you gradually.
Import Wizard
You need to update your savings pots with all transactions (income and expenditure) to fully harness the benefits of iBudge. In addition to the capability to do this via the any savings view (simple, matrix or detailed), premium users additionally have the option to import via .csv
Enhanced Dashboards and Reports
In addition to the headline report that is available to free users, premium users also get an Analytics Dashboards, which covers a wealth of different reports - all captured in beautiful charts and with links to the detailed report that powers the data.

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