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Personal finance management just got a whole lot easier. Welcome to iBudge, home of the Payday Powerup.

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Ever run out of money before payday?

Or wondered how others have money left over for a holiday?

Good money management is simple... but only if you have the right tools. And you've just discovered the very best.

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Do you know how much you spend?

When was the last time you calculated your expenditure compared to your income?

Start by working out your balance at the end of the month using our intuitive and simple tool.

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Set aside money in savings pots

Holidays, Christmas, birthday presents, servicing the car, annual subscriptions....

Set up savings pots for any item and lend yourself money from another pot if you need to.

Our  blog post  provides further details about ways you can use pots to manage savings.

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Guided decisions after every payday

Our Payday Powerup feature uniquely walks you through your allocation of money after you've been paid.

Gain full clarity on your savings, your approaching expenditure and spare cash you have to spend.

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Gain full visibility of your financial status

Our headlines report offers an intutive graphical breakdown of your personal finances for any period of time.

Premium users additionally have access to a personal finance dashboard, with a wealth of reports and custom insights.

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The principle of setting money aside for a specific item or event is nothing new. For decades (most likely centuries) people have used the principle of pots or envelopes: a way of ringfencing money until it is needed, ideally in a secure location so that it can't be accidentally spent on something different. And now the approach is trending across Tik Tok and Youtube - check out #moneystuffing or #moneyenvelopes Of course, this very same principle lies behind the success of many finance apps and tools - including iBudge. But what if you unexpectedly need money? Or even just really want to purchase something? Should you lend yourself money from your savings pots, or leave them untouched [Read this article...]
It only takes a trip to the supermarket to confirm the rumour that costs are increasing. Almost across the board, prices have been raised on the goods and products that we consume every day. This is confirmed by data. In the UK, accoding to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), food and non-alcoholic beverage prices rose by 13.1% in the 12 months to August 2022. This is a significant uplift. A food shop that cost £80 in August 2021 would cost more than £90 in August 2022. This is no doubt a trend that has been noticed by most people reading this blog. [Read this article...]
For many people, payday is the best time of the month. We switch instantly from a situation where every small purchase is made in hope that the payment will be successful, checking our bank account and calculating available funds, to suddenly having an influx of funds for us to spend. Many people will harness this opportunity to go out and treat themselves. A new top, a phone upgrade, a nice restaurant, a deposit for a holiday. All of these things are great - but there is always an underlying question of whether we can really afford them. This article explores the way that the Payday Powerup feature can support you. [Read this article...]

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