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An overview of iBudge - the company and our vision

iBudge Limited is a small, yet fast growing, company that is focused on making money management simple for our users. We recognise the importance of this mission for thousands of people who have been squeezed by the cost of living and need a solution to make their money go further. Additionally, we know that some users are fortunate to have more money - but are still looking for a way to make the best decisions about how they spend and invest their assets.

iBudge was founded by Martin Tanner in 2022, although it originally started back in 2015 as an Excel spreadsheet to track his family's personal finances. Martin's career has spanned various roles where he has seen the impact of money management. He has worked for a large UK bank, working with customers who have been unable to pay their credit card bills. He has worked for a UK-wide welfare-to-work organisation where he has supported people to understand the financial benefits of employment compared to the benefits system, in addition to designing and pricing programmes that have supported thousands of people into meaningful employment. In recent years, he has worked for a leading global recruitment company, where he has built and priced multi-million pound recruitment solutions that support organisations and contractors to navigate the complexities of employment models, including solutions for IR35 and the implications on personal finances.

Our vision is to make personal finance management simple, so that our users truly sense that their money goes further after every payday.

From the beginning, we have sought to build a solution that supports every user profile. We have deliberately designed a platform that offers a host of features to our free user tier. This is a conscious decision to ensure that customers who are struggling with the cost of living have access to a range of features to inform and support their money management. The additional features available to our premium users are designed to provide insight, visibility and support for users who need an additional layer of complexity to their money management. Even for our premimum users, we seek to offer an affordable and high value platform.

We are committed to building a platform that responds to the needs of our users and seek opportunities to capture user feedback at every possible opportunity. We constantly sense check our roadmap with our user community, to check that it meets the ongoing needs of every user profile. We also actively seek out suggestions for improvement, to ensure that the platform genuinely meets the ongoing requirements of our customers - both free and premium.

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